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A brand is unique to who you are and who you want your business it be. It is a combination of your visual identity, your tone and how you portray your brand. From the color scheme, layout, font styles, imagery - it all matters in building brand recognition amongst the sea of competitors. The Careiginal team is passionate about bringing your brand to life through personalized logo designs, an engaging brand story and consistent brand guidelines.

your brand is more than a name.

We have over 10 years of logo design experience and have worked with a wide variety of clients in industries ranging from healthcare, restaurants, beauty, small business, non-profits and more. Our team understands the importance of a unique indentity and consistent branding amongst all forms of marketing.

logo design.

Your logo is the visual identity of your entire company and what is going to help you build trust with your target audience. We work with you to bring your brand vision to life through our personalized and authentic approach to logo designs. We put ourselves in your shoes and create striking logo design concepts that not only bring your vision to life, by resonate with your target audience.

Our logo design process:
✧ Discovery Call
✧ Industry & Color Theory Research
✧ Logo Design Concept Creation
✧ Presentation of 6 Logo Design Concepts
✧ Tweaks & Edits
✧ Finalization
✧ Delivery of All Final Files

brand story.

We develop striking brand stories to illustrate who you are, what you stand for and why your audience should care. A brand story helps to position a persona around your company. It gives your audience a glimpse of who you are to the core. Think of it as your 5-second intro when you're meeting a potential client or customer.

Why is a brand story important?
Your brand story is important in understanding who you are as a company. If you don't fully understand who you are, how can you expect your audience to?

branding guidelines.

Brand guidelines are the standards you set for your brand. How you use your logo, what your brand colors represent, how you talk to your audience and how you will represent your brand to the outside looking in. We help you build a solid brand guideline booklet so you can keep your brand consistent in all forms of your marketing, especially when you grow your team.

Branding guidelines can include:
✧ Logo Usage
✧ Brand Fonts
✧ Brand Color Scheme
✧ Brand Story and Tone
​✧ Brand Photo Usage/Style
✧ Brand Iconography Usage/Style
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