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Female Entrepreneur Highlight: Bex Band

As a woman-owned and operated business ourselves, we love to see other women getting out there and getting things done! Because of this, we’d love to dedicate some time to uplift other women and their businesses in our monthly Female Entrepreneur Highlight.

For our first lovely lady, we’ll showcase Bex Band, an adventurer from across the pond.

Love Her Wild

Bex is the founder of Love Her Wild, which is a non-profit women’s adventure community, running strong with over 25,000 members, making it Britain’s largest female adventure community. Before starting her company, she was an avid outdoor adventurer that hiked the length of Israel, kayaking the width of the UK, and kick-scooting the length of the USA. She’s built up her career and her fanbase as being a strong advocate for conservation and for enjoying and caring for nature. She’s an author, speaker, and blogger, and has been named one of the “UK’s 30 most inspirational entrepreneurs” by Business Leader (and we agree!).

Bex Band Lover Her Wild

About Bex Band

Bex grew up hating school, and feeling different from her peers, with low self-esteem and low confidence, that she carried with her into her adult years. Her first adventure was a 621 mile hike that stretches across the length of Israel, which gave her the space to rebuild her confidence and self-assurance. After her trip, she realized there was a lack of space for women in the outdoor space, which prompted her to create Love Her Wild.

Her Platform

Bex’s whole platform is focused around empowering women and giving them the space for adventure because they “build confidence, forge friendships, and help realize potential”. Her events don’t focus on competition, but instead work for women to support each other, have fun, and work as a team. Women are encouraged to do what they can, whether that be a full day hike, two hours, or twenty minutes.

Women's End2End Relay

Bex Band Today

Right now, Bex is organizing and prepping the Women’s End2End relay, a race that runs the length of the UK, from John O’ Groats to Land’s End, and works to raise money for conservation. Due to CoronaVirus the race unfortunately got pushed back until now, and the exact dates are being discussed behind the scenes, but be sure to check in at for updates!

If you want to see more from Bex, join her private all women’s Facebook group, or read her blog at .

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