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How to Crush Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

The year has gone fast, so as we roll closer to the holiday season, it’s more important than ever for business owners to get their marketing nailed down. Black Friday is now mere days away, and millions of people are ready for their annual holiday shopping spree. It is, quite literally, the busiest shopping day of the year, so now is the time to prepare and get your business to stand out from the crowd to consumers. Your marketing strategy is the absolute best way to do this.

Email Lists

Email lists are a tried-and-true method of getting your message to your customers. Collect a list of all, or of your best customers and send your message directly to their inboxes. You could consider giving early access deals, freebies, or special Black Friday deals exclusively to those who use the email list link. This gives your customers an exclusive, VIP feeling, and will up your trustworthiness in their minds. It also feels great to give specialties to the people who are your best supporters.

Black Friday shopping

Curate your Social Media Content

As Black Friday approaches, use your social media accounts to your advantage! Create posts with tagged products to shop on Instagram. Try using user submitted content for some of these, if you’ve got it. And try to up your call to action in the caption on these. Remember, keep you call to actions short, sweet, and specific. Of course, create posts that call out your black Friday deals specifically as well. A good way to call out your Black Friday deals is to utilize hashtags in your posts. Make them as specific as possible, while keeping in mind memorability.

Moment Marketing

Consider trying out moment marketing this Black Friday. This is a new type of marketing that capitalizes off of trending topics/events/things, which makes it perfect for short term campaigns, such as Black Friday. A good way to use this is through social media, however it could work well in email campaigns as well. The key in this is finding a fairly neutral and comedic topic of which to base your marketing around, as to not step on any toes and do the opposite of what you’re setting out to do.

Black Friday online shopping

Optimize Your Website

Right before the holiday season hits is the best time to ensure your website is functioning at its best. Be sure your site can handle large amounts of people and sales at once, as the last thing you want is your website to go down on Black Friday. This is also a good time to revise your SEO if need be, update photos, change layout etc. Just clean everything up and make it looks its best! Running banners or pop ups on your home page advertising your sale to consumers is also a good idea.

Black Friday

Black Friday is a stressful, but important time of the year for business owners. Although you may walk away from the week tired and frazzled, you also get the chance to give back to loyal customers and have them give back to you in return. As we enter the holiday season, be sure to take some time to consider and plan your holiday marketing strategies in order to crush your Black Friday!


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