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How to Use Professional Design to Stand Out in Print Marketing

In our time, the general public is exposed to so many ads and campaigns on the daily, that most end up blurring into the background of our busy lives. Viewers are often so overwhelmed by marketing that not many campaigns make an impact. The ones that do, however, are always the ones that stand out from the crowd by being exceptionally well done.

Professional design is the key factor that gives a business that extra push to get through the wall that consumers put up against ads. Narrowing our focus on just print marketing we can take a look at just how the pros get it done.

print marketing planning


Planning is always the key factor in any kind of marketing, and is something that pro designers have a ton of knowledge on. There’re so many decisions to be made in the planning stage that end up being key in your print marketing. You need to understand what the best form of print is for your business and how to create it effectively to break through to your viewer.


No surprise here, the thing that pro designers are most often great at, is design! The most important factor of the design process is staying true to a business's branding (or creating branding if need be!). Designing your print marketing materials around your businesses branding will make sure that your business is memorable.

Designers are also able to nail down things like composition and layout, text placement and feel, and how to convey the general vibe of the business they’re promoting. Designers spend years learning about color theory, focal points, design flow, and art and computer skills to get them where they are now. They know how to give marketing materials that extra pop to appeal to viewers.

Along with that, pro designers often know printing. When it comes to print marketing, it’s important that colors are portrayed properly from screen to print, and that all sizes and bleeds are correct. The documents they create are made to be printed, as opposed to documents that are printed.

Print Marketing Designers


As with any other type of marketing, print marketing needs to be curated to hit your target audience. This aspect of print marketing ties into planning. Pro designers will create content to appeal specifically to the viewers that would appreciate your business the most. These viewers should be able to take one look at your marketing material and understand what your company is all about.

Professional design is professional for a reason. The pros know the best ways to reach an audience and most importantly, to reach them effectively. No matter the type of marketing, your professional design team at Careiginal has your back. Want to see what the the talk is all about? Schedule a FREE 15-minute design consultation and we'll show you how you can take your brand to the next level.


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