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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Brand

We’ve all been there. Creeping onto your competitors Instagram or Facebook to see how many followers they have and constantly checking yours as your numbers slowly start to climb past theirs. We don’t like to believe it, but gaining quality followers takes time.

Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re not going to be an overnight success, no matter how awesome your product or service is. But, you can start growing your brand with these 4 mind-blowing social media tips and tricks.


First things first, you need to figure out who your target audience is. What is their age? Gender? Income? Think of it as building your ideal avatar for your brand. I mean, in order to attract your perfect following, you have to know everything about them, right? Ask yourself those detailed questions like what do they like or dislike? Do they spend their time on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? All of this is important in figuring out who your potential followers are.


Our 2nd tip for growing your brand on social media is focusing on content creation. Content is key on social media! You only have a few seconds to capture someones attention as they scroll endlessly through their feed. So, you have to make it count. What type of content is going to stop their scroll? Choose a collection of beautiful photos, engaging videos or interesting infographics to grab their attention.

And to be completely transparent, finding the perfect content for your brand is really about trial and error on what content gets the most attention from your followers.

Social Media Content Creation


Now that you have all this amazing content ready to be posted throughout your social media platforms, the next question is: how does my profile get discovered? Meet your new best friend, the hashtag. A hashtag is a keyword that helps users searching for specific types of content find you. By adding just a single hashtag to your post, your engagement increases by 12%!

Generate a list of relevant hashtags that are not only specific to the content you are posting, but also broad to capture your entire brand essence.


Our final tip is engagement. There’s a reason there are “like, follow, comment, share and subscribe” buttons. Followers want to gain an experience from following your account. Why bother having social media if you’re not going to be social?

You wouldn’t walk into a business card exchange and stand in the corner waiting for others to come talk to you. No, you’d be social and actually interact with others. Social media is no different. If you want engagement, you have to give engagement.

Social Media Marketing


So our tips weren’t completely mind blowing, but they work. Once you define your ideal customer, create killer content, implement hashtags and actually interact with your followers and the digital world, your brand will inevitably grow.

Just remember, when you’re starting out, the followers will fluctuate dramatically. But, with consistent practice, you’ll have those valuable followers that resonate with your brand and interact with you on the daily.


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