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How to Create Strong Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns can be a business’s secret weapon hidden in their arsenal. A company with a message makes a lasting impression on their audience, as opposed to one that stands for nothing. With marketing campaigns, a business can catch the attention of the viewer, and gain a personality that can help to shape their brand identity to the audience.


Every good marketing campaign starts off with planning- as those of us in the design industry know, lots and lots and lots of planning. You want to ask yourself, what is the goal, or the purpose, of my campaign? What is it that you’re looking to accomplish with the campaign? How long do you want your campaign to run?

When you settle on what you’d like to get out of your campaign, narrow down the goal, be specific! Establish the goal with a number to hit and a date to hit it by. For example, “With this campaign, I want to gain 50 new Facebook page likes by November 1st".

Your goal will now need to be measured in some way. How exactly you measure it will depend on what exactly your goal is, but you get the point. If your goal is to get 50 new Facebook page likes, then you’d simply measure it by the number of new likes you get after starting your campaign.

Marketing Campaign Planning


When building your campaign, it’s extremely important to keep in mind who your current audience is, or who your targeted audience is. Making a strong campaign will do nothing if it doesn’t resonate with the audience that you want to reach. The post, the caption, everything about the campaign, should resonate with your target audience.

The creation of your campaign is where the help of excellent graphic design comes into play. Your post should be engaging and capture the attention of the viewer, be consistent with your branding, and convey the overall message that you’re looking to achieve to anyone who views it. We recommend checking out some of our other blogs, such as “6 Design Tips for Keeping a Consistent Brand”, or “What is Graphic Design and How Can it Help My Business?” for a little bit more info on the graphic design process.

Building a Successful Marketing Campaign


The last decision to make in your campaign, is how you’ll distribute it. This will depend on where your audience and engagement is, your budget, and your goal. The distribution method should reflect the goal. If your goal is 50 new Facebook page likes, then sending out emails or posting on Instagram may not be the way to go. However, if your goal is broader, like “gaining 50 new likes/followers across all social media platforms”, then marketing across all platforms is the perfect thing to do. Distribution depends entirely on your prior planning and creating. It’s wise to research the best times/days/ etc. for posting content on every platform and try to post accordingly.

A strong marketing campaign requires a lot of thought, planning, and care. But when done correctly, it can make all of the difference in advertising your business and getting your message out to your audience. As designers ourselves, we understand how difficult and overwhelming the process may seem at times, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience that allows you to directly engage with your audience.

If it seems like too much to handle yourself, that’s where we come in. For any questions, confusion, or help, message us, and we’ll get your campaign up and running in no time!


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