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What is Graphic Design and How Can it Help My Business?

Graphic Design is the art of communicating a message through visual representation. From logos, to print advertisements, to social media content and even the menu at your favorite restaurant. Graphic Design is all around us.

But what seems so simple from an outside eye, is actually quite detailed behind the scenes. From the layout, the color scheme, the visuals, everything that makes up a piece of design is carefully curated by a designer. Why? Because their job is to tell a story.

The coffee mug with your favorite saying? Designed by a Graphic Designer

The band t-shirt you refuse to put in the wash? Designed by a Graphic Designer

The logo of your favorite restaurant? Designed by a Graphic Designer

The template you just took from Canva? Designed by a Graphic Designer

The street signs you pass every day? Designed by a Graphic Designer

We weren’t kidding… the work of a designer is everywhere!

But how can design help you with your business? Here are Careiginal’s top 4 reasons how (good) design can help take your business to the next level.

Design makes a killer first impression

Any good design first starts with a strong brand presence. This consists of your brands’ logo design and your website aesthetics. A creative and unique brand presence can be the difference between standing out from your competition or blending in with everyone else.

In todays world, we only have a matter of seconds before a potential customer makes up their mind. So, making a killer first impression is crucial. In fact, the credibility of your website is judged 75% solely on the aesthetics.

Effective Graphic Design will get you noticed by your target audience and get them to engage with your brand. The upfront investment you put into a unique logo design (you can expect to pay a designer around $250-500+ depending) and a professional website can make a huge statement for your brand.

Pro Tip: It takes 10 seconds for consumers to form an impression and takes 5-7 impressions to recognize and begin to trust the brand.

Pro Tip: A great logo won’t break your bank. Don’t shortcut your logo design and find the cheapest route, your brand deserves the best!

Graphic Designer

Design sets you apart from the competition

Good design ultimately sets you a part from your competition. And in a see of noise, this can make a HUGE impact on your bottom line. Effective Graphic Design creates an instantly identifiable unique aspect to your brand that sets you a part from your competitors. Without good design, you risk getting unheard.

There’s a reason why big brands like Nike and Peleton are easily recognizable. You can’t expect to be known as one of the best with poor design.

But good design it’s so much more than just being recognizable. Your design should give your audience a feeling of confidence and trust. It should prove that you are the professional, you know what you are talking about and that your brand is reliable.

Design builds your brand awareness

Building brand awareness relies heavily on brand consistency. Effective Graphic Design retains consistency across all of your marketing channels. From your print advertisements, website, emails, packaging, social media posts, your message and design should be in unison. But achieving this is not as easy as it sounds. Because different channels have difference audiences. Which means different ways of delivering the same message, without veering off brand. Challenging, but 100% achievable.

Think of brand consistency as brand awareness. It goes beyond the fonts, colors and your logo. It’s everything that makes your brand who you are. Without consistency, you risk your audience losing sight of who you are and what you stand for.

Reminder: The more you put out in the universe, the more chances your brand was to make an impression and turn your leads into customers.

Graphic Design Examples

Design makes your brand money

If you stuck with us this long, you should hopefully agree with us when we say that good design is good business. Taking everything we’ve said above, effective Graphic Design increases your brand’s value which ultimately can boost your sales.

Through making killer first impressions, building trust, establishing awareness, nurturing customer relationships and even executing consistent marketing campaigns, good design makes your business more profitable.

Even though your business might be small today, effective Graphic Design can help take it to the next level tomorrow.

Design ain’t easy

Graphic Design is a valuable asset that can bring your brand to the next level. That’s why professionals spend hours learning the ins and outs of the design and marketing world to ensure they know exactly how to turn your message into something uniquely amazing.

Have an idea but not sure of how to make it come to life or need help making sure your brand stays consistent? We got you, let’s chat.


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