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How to Make Your Website Work For You | Part 2

We all know by now that a website is a critical part in any business for reaching their target audience 24/7. But just having a website alone will unfortunately not automatically turn into bringing in sales. Great things take time to build. If you already built your website with your consumer in mind and understand the importance of SEO, you’re already done half the battle. But how do you use these tactics to convert your target audience into leads?

Website Design and Development

Showcase Strong Call to Actions

If your website doesn’t clearly tell your audience what to do, how would they know how to do it? Let’s paint some pictures…. SCENARIO 1: You’re on a restaurant website hoping to place an order while you’re heading home from work because you are #hungry. The homepage is full of delicious photos that are just sealing the deal. But after a quick scroll, you can’t find the full menu, how to place an order or even a quick click to give them a call. So you order from another restaurant. SCENARIO 2: You’re on a healthcare website looking for information about the latest cov*d protocols for your business. You’re instantly welcomed with verbiage that talks to exactly what you’re looking. You scroll down a little and see a button to download a free guide on tips and best practices for implementing new procedures into your workplace. You enter your name and email and are instantly given access to the guide. You hear a ding from your mailbox with a notification from the company saying thank you for the download. Three days later, a representative calls to see how things are going. You take the sales call and end up signing up with them for cov*d testing. The difference between those two scenarios is a strong call to action. Consumers want things quick and if the answer isn’t right in front of them, they’re going to find it somewhere else. Make sure to use strong, straight to the point and noticing calls to actions for your page buttons. PRO TIP: Instead of “contact” try using something like “schedule a free consultation” // spice up “learn more” with “upgrade your occupational health” or even “get started”

Website Sales Funnel

Automate Your Sales Funnels

Your website is live 24/7. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it were generating leads and sales even when you are sleeping? Automating your sales funnels can make this happen! PRO TIP: A sales funnel is a site visitors journey on how they turn from a cold lead, to a hot lead and then to a sale. This includes every action that is needed to seal the deal. Let’s take scenario 2 from above. Their sales funnel could look something like the following:

  1. Visitor clicks button for free guide on new cov*d protocols for businesses

  2. Visitor enters name and email address

  3. Name and email address is added to your CRM

  4. Visitor gets an automated email thanking them for downloading and says that a member of the team will reach out tomorrow

  5. A sales rep emails the cold lead with a personal message asking if they have any questions in regards to the guide and includes a calendar booking link if they wanted to discuss in person

  6. Automated emails in sets of 3, each different but all with a calendar link

  7. Cold lead hits the button to book a call

  8. Discussion built around the lead, not the sale

  9. Follow up calls and emails, if needed

  10. Hot lead becomes a customer

*A funnel is much more detailed with ifs and ors, but for the sake of the length of this blog we kept it basic... but, you hopefully get the general idea. As soon as someone clicks a button on your site, it should trigger something in your sales funnel. And there is nothing greater than automated emails that do the initial work for you.

Website Conversions

Turn Visitors into Leads

When you build a website with the consumer in mind, implement SEO strategies, use strong call to actions and have an automated sales funnel, your website is going to be working for you 24/7/365. But that doesn’t mean you can set it and forget it — nothing comes easy. Keep your website fresh with posting new content regularly and watch to see how your audience interacts with your site. Remember, great things take time and just because one thing works for another business, doesn’t mean it will work for yours. Stay strong and be authentic. Don’t know what freemiums to offer your audience? Want to brainstorm a sales funnel strategy? We got you, schedule a free 30-minute strategy call with us and take your website to the next level!


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