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Top 4 Platforms to Build a Website On

Getting ready to build a website?

There are most likely a thousand things running through your mind. Like what should it look like, what content should go on it, how many pages should it have and how fast can I get it to launch?

But, before you can answer any of those questions, it’s important to choose which platform you’re going to use to build your website on. Why is this important? Because depending on your goals for your website, the platform you use to build it on can make a huge difference in its success.

Check out our top 4 website platforms to build your website on depending on your business needs!

E-Commerce Stores

If the main goal of your website is to sell products online, Shopify is your answer.

Shopify was built specifically FOR e-commerce and has settings for everything you need to get your business up and running. From product organization, collections, look books, to even shipping partnerships, Shopify makes e-commerce “easy”.

But if that’s not enough, the admin dashboard is super intuitive and there are countless videos and documentations to help you get through any foreseen hurdle. Another major bonus is security. While dealing with customer information, it’s important to ensure your website is encrypted and in PCI Compliance.

Pros: Easy to use, built for e-commerce, plans start at just $29/mo

Cons: Not ideal for various additional pages or lead generation

e-commerce storefront

Small Businesses & Personal Brands

If you’re a small business, personal brand or just need a website up and running QUICK without breaking the bank, Wix is your answer.

With all of the new tools and integrations, Wix is quickly becoming a fan favorite amongst design professionals. What may take a month to build in code, takes a professional designer a week to build in Wix.

Not to mention, if you’re flying solo Wix has a variety of pre-designed templates that you can choose from. Once selected, you can customize the website to meet your branding needs. From the fonts to the colors and even the imagery. Wix allows you to build a website without the stress of how you’re going to make it work.

PRO TIP: As with any design, the person you have in the drivers seat working on your website can make a huge impact. We highly recommend working with a professional designer to ensure your website is positioned in the best light possible.

Pros: Easy to use, complete customization without needing to know code, pre-made templates

Cons: Not ideal for SEO, can get out of hand if you don’t know what you’re doing

Business Website

Medium/Large Businesses & Restaurants

If you're a larger business or restaurant and have a solid budget ($2k+) to spend on an amazing website, Wordpress is your answer.

Wordpress is perfect for lead generation and gives your website the most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) juice. If your goals are to make a unique impression on viewers and land on the top pages of search engines, we highly recommend this platform.

With e-commerce capabilities, countless integrations, built in blog posts and millions of helpful videos on YouTube, Wordpress is the #1 top website platform for businesses across all verticals. Work with a design and development pro and you'll be in great hands.

Pros: Completely customizable, the best for SEO, built in integrations

Cons: Coding is *most likely* necessary, not ideal for the average Joe, takes time to build correctly

Funnels & Membership Based Businesses

If you're looking for a platform for your sales and marketing funnels or to build out a membership portal, Kartra is your answer.

Kartra is one of the newer platforms and has been picking up speed pretty quickly. They have a user-friendly drag & drop builder with pre-made elements that make it "easy" and is great for membership controls and reoccurring payments.

Pros: Built for funnels, variety of plans, drag & drop

Cons: Newer platform, learning curve, not fully customizable

Website Design

Let’s Build a Website

From picking the right professional to writing verbiage to sticking to a launch timeline, building a website can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.

The website design and development team at Careiginal Designs strives to take that workload off your shoulders and make your website vision a reality.

If you don’t know where to start, are having trouble finding a designer who “gets you” or just want to see how your current website ranks, let’s talk.


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