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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

In this day and age, a well-run social media account is one of the best things you can do for your business. At this point, separating marketing from social media is just about impossible, and an impressive account does wonders for your brand and your image. It’s not only easy to spot a disorganized account, but having a page that is run poorly will reflect negatively on your business. And just like you’re great at running your businesses and getting your sh*t done, so is a social media manager- it's literally their job to run great pages!

1. Protection

The first reason that hiring a social media manager will help you out, is that it’ll offer your business protection. Not only does a social. media manager know what is appropriate to post, but they know what is best to post.

Social media managers also take a whole job off of your plate. If you’re running your business, you can’t pause every other minute to check your social media and respond to customer comments and feedback- it's just impossible! No one is a superhuman. A social media manager will ensure that your customers get the best experience possible when visiting your page.

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2. They Know Social Media

When your whole job is social media, you get to know social media. Social media is their world. They understand the trending memes, songs and news in a way that someone who uses social media for just themselves doesn’t. They also understand the ever changing algorithms and the best ways to engage news tactics and features. Their knowledge ensures you use social media as an advantage to your company.

3. Effective Posts

Social media is all planning and strategy. A social media manager understands how to do that. They understand when to post, what hashtags to use, and most importantly how to present your brand. You want a viewer to look at your account and immediately understand what your brand is about.

They also can guarantee a steady, consistent flow of good, engaging content on all of your accounts. Social media managers ensure that each post is curated to promote your brands aesthetic and to promote the growth of your business.

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4. Reel in New Customers

A well-tended to social media account can be all it takes for your brand to get discovered by new people. When people see a social media account that is professional and well taken care of, the automatic thought is that that brand is professional and well taken care of. In the modern age, one of the best ways to reel in new customers is through social media, and a social media manager being there to curate content will almost guarantee company success.

Hiring a Social Media Manager

Hiring a social media manager gives your brand that extra wow factor. Social media growth and business growth go hand in hand, and an effective social media strategy means more happy customers enjoying your business.

We understand how hiring another person, and giving over your social media accounts to someone else can be scary. But, the rewards that come along with hiring a social media manager speak for themselves. Are you ready to give your brand a professional look? Do you want amazing customer interaction and service? We hear you, let's chat.


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