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How to Nail your Brand Identity

One of the most important things to any brand is their brand identity. What a brand stands for, what they represent, and what they show to the world has become increasingly important to consumers.

A brand without an identity can feel stark and soulless to consumers, so it's more important than ever for business owners to put themselves into their brand. But how exactly does one nail their brand identity?

What is a Brand Identity?

Before even thinking about your brand identity, you need to consider what a brand identity actually is. A brand identity encompasses the whole look, feel, and promotional material of your business.

When you consider the look of your brand, consider colors, fonts, logo design, storefronts, websites, etc. When you address the feel of your brand, think about your voice, your ethics, and what you’d want your audience to think when seeing your brand. And when looking at your promotional material, consider your ads, your social media, and your marketing.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

Brand Identity Prep

When you start the process of creating your brand identity, it’s good to start by doing some prep and research. Ask yourself: “What do I want my audience to see my business as?” Research your audience and find your target demographic. Consider who your competitors are and decide what makes your brand stand out compared to them.

Your Look

An easy place to start with your brand identity is the look. Brainstorm a few words that you want your business to encompass. The look of your brand is what automatically will communicate the messages and ethics of your business, without even saying a word. Use your imagery to tell the story of your brand.

For example: warm, comforting, inclusive, and fresh. For something like this, create your brand with colors like beige, brown, rust, or green. Use marketing images that help to promote that feeling of inclusivity. Try using nature imagery in promotion and logo deign to give that fresh feeling.

PRO TIP: After your have your logo professionally designed, ask your designer for a Brand Style Guide to help with this step of establishing your identity!

How to establish a brand voice

Your Voice

Your brand will need a voice. This voice comes out mainly in marketing and in social media content. But it also helps give your brand a personality and gives you a chance to show what your business stands for. For this, one of the most important things is your audience. Consider who you’re promoting yourself to when creating content. Your voice can also give you a chance to show the core values of your brand, and create a culture around it.

Be Yourself

No matter your audience, your look, or your voice, the most important thing is being yourself. The most natural and authentic brand identity's come from within, which audiences can sense and connect to more easily. Your brand identity should be an extension of yourself, and establish a consistent voice.

Need more help on how to nail your brand identity? We’re here to help, let's chat!


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