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How To Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Advertising in 2022 has a stark difference to how it worked ten years ago - or even five years ago. Today, social media is where quality advertising for small businesses can be done. If you’re a small business looking for ways to market yourself to your target audience, the online sphere is the perfect place to start.

Not only can social media be an inexpensive method, but due to algorithms, it’s also a better way to reach your target demographics, or even reach those who live in your local area. Advertising on social media gives you the opportunity to spread your message to exactly those people who would appreciate it most. But, to those new at it, social media can seem overwhelming or confusing.

So, how can you use social media to your advantage?

Instagram Marketing

Be Consistent

Being consistent and being patient is the number one tip when it comes to social media posting. Algorithm's love consistency, and the more often you post, the more likely your account is to be recommended to new people. Now, don’t go posting random things every hour and clog up your followers' feeds. You don’t want to overwhelm or annoy them. Just pick a few days a week that work for you and create quality content to put out there. Think quality over quantity, always.

If timing is an issue for you, try scheduling out posts ahead of time to be posted automatically to your account. This way it’s one less thing for you to worry about in a day and your content will be as consistent as possible.

Be Targeted

One of the best things about social media advertising is the ability to target specific demographics of people. This is a great tool to get your message out to the right audience. With traditional means of advertising your campaign will be seen by just about anyone, and you run the risk of the people who would really like your business missing out on it.

With social media, algorithms automatically recommend certain content to people based on their interests and interactions on the app. Which means that it’s so much easier to find your niche this way.

If you invest in sponsored content, you’re even able to manually adjust exactly who your target audience is based on age, location, sex, gender, etc!

Social Media Marketing

Be Trendy

One of the trickiest things about social media is finding the right trends to join in on to help get word of your business out there. Take note of trending topics and work them into your captions on Facebook or Instagram. Pay attention to what songs or dances are popular and create video content featuring it. A great way to use this one is on TikTok.

Pro Tip: What is trending now on TikTok will be trending in 1-2 weeks on Instagram. Prepare for this and get reels up and running!

The best way to use trends is by putting your own spin on it. People are attracted to authenticity, even if it's in trending content. Be yourself. Be your business. Make the trends work for you.

Social Media

Using social media is the new way businesses can easily, cost-efficiently, and affectively promote themselves to a large audience. Making it work to your advantage is all about posting consistent, targeted, and trending content in a way that feels natural and authentic to you.

Already know that social media is important, but don't know where to start (or heck, have the time?) - let's chat!


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